Acquisition Criteria

A deal only works if it closes.

Employing opportunistic strategies and maintaining a disciplined focus on credit and real estate fundamentals, CRIC2 Funds has successfully capitalized on a myriad of opportunities in net leasing.


CRIC2 Funds will consider new and existing leases with public and private, investment-grade companies (or the equivalent of) and select below-investment grade companies. Unrated companies (or sellers of properties net leased to unrated companies) should provide a minimum of three years of financial statements in order for CRIC2 Funds to determine the corporate lessee’s creditworthiness.


CRIC2 Funds invests in companies from diverse industries. Some preferred industries include, but are not limited to:
Aerospace and Defense
Biotechnology and Drugs
Capital Goods
Industrial / Manufacturing
Professional Services
Oil and Gas Operations

Property Type / Location

Eligible properties include existing and to-be-built office, industrial, warehouse, distribution, R&D, light manufacturing, retail and restaurant facilities. CRIC2 Funds will also consider other special use facilities in certain circumstances. All eligible properties must be single-tenant commercial real estate located in the United States and select foreign countries.

Deal Size

There are no preset limits to the amount of capital CRIC2 Funds can invest in a single transaction. CRIC2 Funds will invest in single properties or portfolios of properties. The company has the flexibility to close transactions ranging in size from $1 million to $500 million.

Lease Term and Structure

CRIC2 Funds purchases a company’s facilities at 100% of fair market value and leases them back for as long as the company needs them, whether it is 10, 15, 20 years or longer. Rents can be fixed, stepped or periodically reset to best meet financial or tax goals and to take advantage of new financial conditions and contingencies.

CRIC2 Funds also purchases properties from developers and other third party sellers with existing net leases in place.