Commitment that makes a difference.
Capital that makes it happen.

Companies work with CRIC2 Funds because they want the people who pioneered net leasing. Third party sellers of net leased properties work with CRIC2 Funds because they want certainty of execution. Companies and sellers both want a spirit of entrepreneurship and the personal investment of principals working with them, but they also need the deep resources that create confidence in the capital structure of the transaction and its execution. CRIC2 Funds’ clients comment that all too often they have to choose between institutional strength with institutional paralysis and more personal attention that lacks deep financial resources.

With extensive experience managing private equity funds, CRIC2 Funds can focus on the structure of the net lease transaction with the assurance that the complete financing will remain in place as it designed, and as its clients expect. CRIC2 Funds is an investor in creditworthy real estate. As a stakeholder, its knowledge and skill are backed by the financial depth that supports the financing and timeframe quickly, efficiently and effectively.