Investment Strategy

It’s not just part of our business.
Net leasing is the heart of our business.

Unlike banks and many institutions that view net leasing as just one of their many services, it is the heart of our business. CRIC2 Funds is not a broker or intermediary. Net leasing is its absolute expertise. In an increasingly commoditized real estate market, there are distinct benefits of working with CRIC2 Funds.

CRIC2 Funds closes, and on the original terms.

The depth of its experience, capital base and understanding of the financial markets allow CRIC2 Funds to offer pricing that its clients and third party sellers can count on. Because the company only issues letters of intent after performing detailed underwriting, CRIC2 Funds provides efficient closings on the same terms that it offers in its LOIs.

CRIC2 Funds is flexible, before and after its net lease.

Because CRIC2 Funds specializes in acquiring large and small, single properties and portfolios, as well as funding construction and the acquisition of new properties, the company is able to design the perfect capital solution for its corporate clients. With its customized net leases, CRIC2 Funds’ clients experience the kind of financial and operational flexibility that they need to meet their business and financial goals.

Experience and reputation companies can rely on.

CRIC2 Funds brings together pioneering net leasing professionals and serious financial resources. CRIC2 Funds’ history, reputation and proven track record, combined with a wealth of private equity resources, allow the company to close net lease transactions quickly and efficiently.