Closing Process

Smooth and efficient closing process.

CRIC2 Funds’ extensive knowledge, direct access to capital and wealth of resources allows it to close quickly and efficiently while structuring the perfect capital solution for corporate real estate. The company provides immediate funding without any financing contingency. That’s good news for its clients.

Experience and Reputation

CRIC2 Funds’ history, reputation and proven track record make it a preeminent and reliable player in the net lease industry. The principals? extensive experience and wealth of knowledge coupled with the firm’s capital base allow CRIC2 Funds to close deals quickly and efficiently.


Before CRIC2 Funds issues a letter of intent, it evaluates all of the important variables, including credit, asset type and property location. The company’s substantial pre-commitment underwriting ensures clients a high level of comfort that CRIC2 Funds will close the transaction on the same terms that it offers upfront.

Organized Due Diligence

Along with its letters of intent, CRIC2 Funds will provide a list of due diligence requirements, so companies and third party sellers know up front what the closing will entail. CRIC2 Funds will also send a detailed closing agenda, and, since it values relationships, CRIC2 Funds’ preference is to follow it with a kick-off closing meeting, so its clients and third party sellers can meet all of the people who will be involved in the closing process. At its clients’ request, CRIC2 Funds is also happy to recommend third party report providers, including title insurance companies, surveyors, environmental reporters and appraisers, all of whom have a proven track record of professional, efficient and cost-effective services, or in many cases order reports itself.

Single Properties, To-Be-Builts, or Portfolios

CRIC2 Funds specializes in acquiring single tenant, existing and to-be-built assets and portfolios. The company is clear in its focus. Its knowledge and experience in closing transactions involving various types of assets and portfolios assures that the transaction will close without unnecessary delays, regardless of the number of properties.

Time Frame

Transactions typically take 30-60 days to close, dependent only on the speed with which due diligence materials are provided or ordered. CRIC2 Funds is fully prepared to work within a company’s specific timetables, no matter how aggressive it may be.